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Shoot With Josh

Some close family friends are moving out of state this weekend and mom wanted me take pictures of her son Josh before they left. Here are some of the results. Safe travels and best of luck in your new home!

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Art Show Promo for Zac Eubank

I helped my older brother by stepping in front of the lens to show of my sweet moves and promote his upcoming art show. If you’re in the K.C. area, you should attend. I might be there to dance for you…

We are currently in the process of uniting our Captain Planet rings. With our powers combined we are Aren’t We Clever Dot Com. Stay tuned for the awesomeness that is about to ensue.

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Shoot With Jeanne

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Senior Portrait Pricing Guide for Advanced Portrait Class

This is a mock-up for my Senior Portrait Guide. After printing, it’s folded into a trifold brochure.

#5-2 Alien Bee Assignment

Will act for food! (Click the image to see a Flickr slideshow.)

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Baby Shoot

Did my first baby shoot with Charles! Thank you to the awesome parents! Click on the photo below to see the Flickr slideshow!

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