Editorial Assignement Number Three: Fashion Shoot…

I’m a little late turning this in, but I think it’s well worth it. I hooked up with a friend of mine from high school. We pulled out some of her old prom dresses and some prom dresses of friends, played around a bit with make-up, and kind of did some stuff with her hair (straightened it and added a little flip at the end…I know…pretty amazing.) I was fortunate enough to bring home some lights from school over our “Spring” break and got to exploit them. I think they worked out nicely, but I really just can’t beat that awesome light I get from the sun. Oh, how I love fornicating natural light…..anyway. I hope you enjoy the shots, and hopefully I can still get a decent grade from them.






You can view my Flickr slideshow of these images and more…HERE!


One response to “Editorial Assignement Number Three: Fashion Shoot…

  1. I LOVE the first so much, I cannot believe that is natural light!!!! BEAUTIFUL. I don’t know how to critique photography anymore, it’s been a wile, but It looks like a studio shot.

    The bronze dress, make-up and lighting in the last, brilliant, love the perspective!

    love that broken rag-doll or wind-up doll look, like its in stylized French movie, great lighting.

    Gorgeous shots all of them, damn there are so many talented people out in the ether! Manipulating light is the most difficult thing being able to express yourself through light is a true talent, good on ya!

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