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Kelly Jo Shoot

I did a shoot a couple months back for my friend Kelly Jo which got her in to the Playboy Mansion for the annual Midsummer Nights Dream party. Here are a few of the photos from that shoot.



K.C. Shoot for Editorial Class

I traveled to K.C. on my own (separate from the class) and managed to nab these images from the Power and Light District before I was told to leave because I didn’t register with them to shoot there. Thanks for the warning.

You can view a slide show of the shoot…HERE.

Editorial Assignment #5

I took some portraits for a recent production of Adam Rapp’s “Stone Cold Dead Serious” directed by Taylor Gozia. If you missed its showing here at UCM, you can still catch it at Skinless Productions Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri May 16, 17, and 18.

To see a slide show of the images click…HERE.

Editorial Assignment Number Four

Hi-Res Magazine held their launch party this past weekend, Saturday, March 29. Art was auctioned off, food was devoured, and music filled the night air. The event was held at the Skinless Productions Gallery in K.C., MO. It was deemed a success, and money raised was put toward funding the next issue.






To view a slide show of the event click…Here.

Editorial Assignement Number Three: Fashion Shoot…

I’m a little late turning this in, but I think it’s well worth it. I hooked up with a friend of mine from high school. We pulled out some of her old prom dresses and some prom dresses of friends, played around a bit with make-up, and kind of did some stuff with her hair (straightened it and added a little flip at the end…I know…pretty amazing.) I was fortunate enough to bring home some lights from school over our “Spring” break and got to exploit them. I think they worked out nicely, but I really just can’t beat that awesome light I get from the sun. Oh, how I love fornicating natural light…..anyway. I hope you enjoy the shots, and hopefully I can still get a decent grade from them.






You can view my Flickr slideshow of these images and more…HERE!

Editorial Assignment Number Two (Entertainment)

Fat Pig:

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the production of Fat Pig by Neil LaBute here at UCM under the direction of Dr. Julie Pratt. I’ve worked with Dr. Pratt before photographing this past semester’s children show “Shadow Gets a Black Eye.” I always have a great time when snapping shots of her productions. The Theatre Department here is excellent and I enjoy working with everyone involved. The show was amazing, and if you didn’t get a chance to see it, you missed out.






To see a slide show of these images and more click HERE!

Editorial In-Class Assignment Numero Dos…

Today we played with ETTL and portable flashes…