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Shoot With Jeanne

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Senior Portrait Pricing Guide for Advanced Portrait Class

This is a mock-up for my Senior Portrait Guide. After printing, it’s folded into a trifold brochure.

#5-2 Alien Bee Assignment

Will act for food! (Click the image to see a Flickr slideshow.)

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#5 Alien Bee Assignment

Had some lights and couldn’t sleep, so I shot myself. Here you go Mom!

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Richard comes in to the bar all the time with stories to tell. He’s an exceptional dancer and has a style completely of his own. When I asked him if I could photograph his main concern was that he not be shot in the nude. I offered to pay him and buy him dinner, but he said, “Actually there’s these cigarettes I smoke…” So, for three packs of Decade Ultra Light 100s ($6.46) he stepped in front of my lens. I was hoping to do some video and with my 7D to fill you in on some of Richard’s wisdom, but he said he wouldn’t feel comfortable being filmed so I respectfully only took stills. Clicking on the image below will take you to a Flickr Slideshow…


#4 Senior Portrait Assignment

Took some senior portraits of my little brother today. We’ll be concluding our session in April when the trees put some clothes on and the baseball uniforms are in. Clicking on the photo below will take you to a Flickr Slideshow of what we were up to today…

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Senior Portrait Demo

This was a demo we did in Jerry Schmidt’s Advanced Portrait class. Clicking on the photo will direct you to a video… this is how we roll…

Shayla Lee