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Fetu Afahye

Some more photos from my study abroad in Ghana, West Africa. These are from the festival Fetu Afahye held in Cape Coast. (This link describes the festival pretty well… Fetu Afahye) The group I traveled with was able to catch the parade and ended up joining-in. Clicking the picture below will take you to my Flickr Slideshow…

Liati Wote and Tafi Atome

This is a bit overdue, but these are some photos from my experience overseas in Ghana, West Africa. These particular photos are from my trip to the village of Liati Wote between Lake Volta and the Ghana/Togo border. My gang spent the weekend with our new friend from Canada and the Queen of the village. We were invited to a ceremony to honor the ancestors for sparring the life of the Queen’s brother. He had previously been in a car accident almost losing his eye and shedding a lot of blood. The village offered libations to their ancestors. After rituals were performed, the village invited us to party with them and celebrate life. The next day we hiked to a small waterfall stopping along the way to see how Palm Wine and Palm Gin are made. At the end of the weekend, I split from the group and traveled to the Monkey Sanctuary in Tafi Atome. Clicking on the image below will take you to a Flickr Slideshow…


I’m playing around with Soundslides and I made this short show with some images from Ghana. Just click the link below.

Ghana Soundslide

Fetu Afahye

Here’s a YouTube video fo my trip to Cape Coast for the Fetu Afahye festival in Ghana, West Africa.


Here’s a YouTube video from my experience in Ghana. This is just a test video and also a preview for all my Ghana photos.