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Editorial Assignment Number Four

Hi-Res Magazine held their launch party this past weekend, Saturday, March 29. Art was auctioned off, food was devoured, and music filled the night air. The event was held at the Skinless Productions Gallery in K.C., MO. It was deemed a success, and money raised was put toward funding the next issue.






To view a slide show of the event click…Here.


Editorial Assignment Number One (Editorial Portraits)

Get a job. You suck! Skinless Productions is now officially open!

Skinless Productions Gallery is now officially open. They held their grand opening this past First Friday in the Crossroads District of Kansas City. Featured were the talents of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Ben Bloss, Kyle Wallen, and the Abracadabras as far as entertainment goes. The gallery was packed all night with shoulders rubbing and toes trampled to view the works of such artists as Holly Bugh, Calli Gredys, Keith Carter, Zac Eubank, John Louder, Carmen Grandfield, and Jeff Everard. The night proved to be a success. The guys of Skinless Productions (pictured below) are two fellows that need your eyes pinned on them. Great things are certainly coming to these two up-and-coming artists. img_2600.jpg

Ben Bloss




To view more photos from this shoot just nab the link below…

Skinless Productions Photo Shoot

I Log in. Now I’m Bloggin’. It’s Boggin’ Down Mah Noggin’.

I’m completely new to this…world….called “Word Press.” I’ll be posting photos from random photo assignments, jobs, and leisure. I’ve got such a busy semester this Spring….classes, job, rehearsals, magazine, networking, social activities, filming, random car chases, and double-fisting RedBulls. It’s going to be quite the ride.

I’ve joined this….world…called “Word Press” as a requirement for my class to benefit the health of my grade.

Work you might anticipate (spoiler alert):
-Drag Queens
-People that Make Noise
-High Fashion, Cheap Fashion, No Fashion
-Event Coverage and Covering Events
-Things A Bulimic Might Eat for $400 (Daily Doubles and Such)
-Diet Pills
-Furry Critters
-Caffeine Addicts
-Fat Pigs
-Skinless Productions
-Cheesy Smiles (American and Swiss)

Yup, lots of things going on. Lots of things going off, going in and ripping me in half…………..It’ll be fun.