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Editorial Assignement Number Three: Fashion Shoot…

I’m a little late turning this in, but I think it’s well worth it. I hooked up with a friend of mine from high school. We pulled out some of her old prom dresses and some prom dresses of friends, played around a bit with make-up, and kind of did some stuff with her hair (straightened it and added a little flip at the end…I know…pretty amazing.) I was fortunate enough to bring home some lights from school over our “Spring” break and got to exploit them. I think they worked out nicely, but I really just can’t beat that awesome light I get from the sun. Oh, how I love fornicating natural light…..anyway. I hope you enjoy the shots, and hopefully I can still get a decent grade from them.






You can view my Flickr slideshow of these images and more…HERE!


Kid Games and Candy

I started this series last year in my studio class, and I think I’m going to continue with the concept for my next assignment in Editorial. This part of the series depicts depression, self-mutilation (cutting), alcoholism, and domestic violence.  verbal-knives-v.jpgwhen-the-medicine-cabinet-is-empty-ii.jpg
 when-pills-arent-enough.jpg To see the entire series thus far; click the link below…Kid Games and Candy