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Shoot With Jeanne

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#5-2 Alien Bee Assignment

Will act for food! (Click the image to see a Flickr slideshow.)

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Emily, Chandi, Sarah Shoot

Had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Wise back home in Southern Missouri. She rounded up some models and we hit the lake and the hills for an awesome photo shoot. The models were real troopers. The temperature was below freezing and the wind was torture on the lake. To see my Flickr Slideshow of the shoot, just click on the picture below…

Kelly Jo Shoot

I did a shoot a couple months back for my friend Kelly Jo which got her in to the Playboy Mansion for the annual Midsummer Nights Dream party. Here are a few of the photos from that shoot.


Editorial Assignement Number Three: Fashion Shoot…

I’m a little late turning this in, but I think it’s well worth it. I hooked up with a friend of mine from high school. We pulled out some of her old prom dresses and some prom dresses of friends, played around a bit with make-up, and kind of did some stuff with her hair (straightened it and added a little flip at the end…I know…pretty amazing.) I was fortunate enough to bring home some lights from school over our “Spring” break and got to exploit them. I think they worked out nicely, but I really just can’t beat that awesome light I get from the sun. Oh, how I love fornicating natural light…..anyway. I hope you enjoy the shots, and hopefully I can still get a decent grade from them.






You can view my Flickr slideshow of these images and more…HERE!

I Log in. Now I’m Bloggin’. It’s Boggin’ Down Mah Noggin’.

I’m completely new to this…world….called “Word Press.” I’ll be posting photos from random photo assignments, jobs, and leisure. I’ve got such a busy semester this Spring….classes, job, rehearsals, magazine, networking, social activities, filming, random car chases, and double-fisting RedBulls. It’s going to be quite the ride.

I’ve joined this….world…called “Word Press” as a requirement for my class to benefit the health of my grade.

Work you might anticipate (spoiler alert):
-Drag Queens
-People that Make Noise
-High Fashion, Cheap Fashion, No Fashion
-Event Coverage and Covering Events
-Things A Bulimic Might Eat for $400 (Daily Doubles and Such)
-Diet Pills
-Furry Critters
-Caffeine Addicts
-Fat Pigs
-Skinless Productions
-Cheesy Smiles (American and Swiss)

Yup, lots of things going on. Lots of things going off, going in and ripping me in half…………..It’ll be fun.